Mo Baseball and Training was founded by Erick Mojica, “Mo”, an Avila University Baseball alumni who earned his Master’s in Kinesiology the summer of 2019.

MBT began as a blog for Mo’s outlet upon hanging up his cleats and calling it a career. He grew up in Southern California and played in several club teams in the Amateur Baseball Development Academy (ABD). Entering his college years he moved out to Kansas City to pitch for Avila University while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology.

Throughout Mo’s baseball life he was always interested in Strength & Conditioning, much inspiration coming from reading blogs from Eric Cressey. Through the years of H.S and Collegiate baseball, Mo was influenced by amazing coaches and teachers that increased his hunger to learn better information with hopes to improve his athletic performance.

With the many hats that coaches and personal trainers wear, Coach Mo’s favorite hat is the one that says “teacher.” Whether in the weight room or on a field, his main focus is to allow you to make mistakes and provide guidance for making a correction.


In 2017 MBT started as a blog and in 2019 has become a full sports performance service providing Personal Training, Baseball Lessons, and free content through blogging, social media, and podcasts.

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