Mo Baseball and Training takes a Kinesiology and Exercise Science approach to all baseball lessons. Teaching mechanics is an important part of sport specific skill, but we like to go a little bit more in depth in how to work with each individual’s ability.

The first part of any training program has to begin with an individual assessment. With that, we want to know what your body can do well and where the limitations may lie.

Such assessments include

  • Movement Screen
  • Performance Assessment
    • Hitting – Blast Motion Sensor, Exit Velocity, Swing Analysis
    • Pitching – Diamond Kinetics Ball, Velocity, Biomechanics
  • Speed, Agility, & Power Assessment

Upon further evaluation, we can dive into a program that focuses on improving athletic performance through motor behavior.

This means that before we get onto a throwing, weighted ball, and strength types of programs, we want to focus on establishing a foundation for quality movement and efficiency in mind-body connection.

From there we decide what you need to improve. As we put together the building blocks for athletic performance, we can get onto the fun stuff!

Hitting Performance


MBT uses swing and video analysis technology to slow things down. The Blast Motion Sensor is a great tool to implement data in order to make sure that the drills and exercises we program are actually working.

Whatever it is that you want to improve on with hitting, we use these tools to work on your athleticism by searching for flaws and program a routine to help you understand how to practice and take your game to the next level.

Along with technology, we can also implement Strength & Conditioning principles to improve your swing. We can use tools like

  • Axe Bat Swing Trainersimg_4972
  • Overload/Underload Bat Training
  • Weighted Connection Balls
  • Explosive Strength Med Ball Drills

With MBT principles, we want to make sure that we are consistently testing and re-testing the drillwork we do. This is where using technology like the Blast Sensor is a must so we can track metrics like Swing Plane, Attack Angle, Bat Speed, Exit Velocity with radar, and much more!

And not to be forgotten, all of these training modalities are implemented with one more important skill, having an approach at the plate!

While all of these development tools are fun and exciting, we pick our battles by working on each skill in a strategic manner. Some hitting sessions focus on metrics, while other ones focus on feel. Our goal is to help you understand your swing and work on the things that bring out the best of your abilities.

Pitching Performance

Pitching lessons are used in a variety of practice forms. We can work through flat grounds, bullpens, long-toss, arm care exercises, and other training modalities to help you feel and understand what your pitching mechanics should play.

Such modalities include using resistance bands, medicine ball throws, weighted ball training, and other forms of explosive training for pitching performance. Like hitting discussed above, there’s a time and place to train, and a time to focus on feel.

Not to mention, MBT also uses a Diamond Kinetics img_4852ball that tracks some basic metrics to help you understand what your pitches are doing, thus aiding a pitch design program to help you develop a game plan for facing live hitters.

Rather than guessing, we use this combined with pitch cuing to help you understand what your pitches are doing. Knowing your velocity and spin rate is great, but it means nothing if we don’t understand how to apply those numbers into our performance.

Fielding Performance

The focus during a fielding lesson is working on rhythm and motor control. While taking ground balls is a good form of practice, at MBT we believe that there is more to just getting repetitions off a fungo.

The MBT philosophy is to break things down into small segments working on the fundamentals of playing defense. This includes footwork, hands, creating angles, reaction drills, and most importantly developing instincts that give you every inch to make a play.

Base Running

Most of base running practice comes from live reps, but it can always be worked on by training specific skill sets. With that comes running technique, speed and agility drills, reaction drills, and discussing baseball IQ to make you a lethal runner.

For more info, check out this blog post on how to become a “Speed Demon“!



MBT’s home facility is at “6-4-3 Dingers” located atimg_4845

4230 Doctor Greaves Road 
Grandview, Missouri 64030



Lessons can also be booked at your preferred field or indoor facility. To book a lesson contact us to get you started!

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