The purpose behind biomechanics is to break down body movements and analyzing how those movements occur. For exercise and sport purposes, applications can be used with a simple video recording of movements such as a squat, a backhand in tennis, and even a pitching delivery. The application itself has features that help provide detailed information using the video in a slow motion fashion while measuring joint angles and several other variables.

Why is this useful? Well the human eye can only see so much. When video is applied, it provides a greater opportunity to break movements down in detail, thus allowing a coach to provide you with more accurate information to improve your performance. Whatever your sport or choice of exercise, a biomechanics analysis can be applied to improve performance.

In my Undergraduate studies I have participated in various biomechanics projects that has provided me with a great amount of experience and practice in working with individuals and their performance goals. If you are interested in using biomechanics to improve your performance, please feel free to click on the Contact Tab for more information.

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